Monday, 7 December 2015

Mood Matcher Lipstick

It’s the end of the year. December is always my favorite month. Every time I see those colorful light, Christmas song, and sugary cookies, there’s a warm feeling goes through my vein. I feel home. You know, home is not a place but where your heart is. And December brings memory to me. Those beautiful times. I’ve grown up, missing that wish list in a shoe, hoping Santa would come and grant my wish. But I know no matter how far I go, those memory is a part of me, it makes me who I am. It makes me different.

For this colorful month, I would like to talk to you about something fun and unique. Last week, I got a little package from the beauty looks. Colorful lipstick. Mood matcher lipstick. I got sky blue and yellow. Love. At the first time, I thought it will turns out as the lipstick color, blue and yellow. I know it’s going to be scary. But, luckily it’s not.

Strangely when you use them it’s more like enhancing your lip color. So it’s going to different for everyone. The sky blue is slightly darker than the yellow one. This yellow lipstick turns more pinkies. It’s going to be naturally cherry red. It smells a little bit funny, but I believe it’s because they don’t use fragrance. It stays for 8 hours I would say, because I like to lick my lips (bad habit) but if you don’t they say it will last for 12 hours. 

I'm using Sky Blue

Yellow one!
You can buy this product at the beauty looks. It’s not expensive, that’s why you can try more than one color. Just IDR 50,000.- for each lipstick. Love!

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