Wednesday, 31 July 2013

ART of the Dark Circus

- combination
- NC 20 - NC 25

I mixed 2 shade of foundation to make her look quite tan before I used nyx matte bronzer.

Art of the Dark Circus - Helena

Helena Boyasche
Princess of Dark Circus

She is the fire princess.
One of three dark circus princess.
Her madness makes her willing to do everything.

Before she comes to the circus, she's a beautiful lady who married the nobleman.
But one day, she's abandoned by her husband.

ART of the Dark Circus

skin :
- combination
- NC 35-NC 37

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

ART of the Dark Circus - Diane

Diane Vang
Princess of Dark Circus

"Abide with me fast animals"

She is one of three princess from dark circus. Her ability is playing with the animal.
Lion, Tigers, snake, every animal will do everything she said.

Before, she's a happy girl who live with her parents.
But one day, someone kill her parents in front of her.
She has no body after that, until she met a guy who gave her life.

ART of the Dark Circus

- combination
- NC20 -NC 25

Let the show begin...

everyone has their own color, their own past and their own future.
combination of gene, chemical, experience and environment.
that make us different, and beyond  normal.

Naked 2 Palette

naked 2 palette.

Before, I wonder why this palette is so famous and expensive. Then I tried.
all I can say "yeah, that's worth"


Color your life, and you will see.

Friday, 26 July 2013

it depends on what you see

Start to believe the impossible

This is the other side of normal.


What is normal? Where is the line between normal and abnormal? 


Something we usually see, something that ought to be, something that common, is what we called normal.


There’s a lot more than that. Something we have seen before, something we have dream about, something we have imagine.Unfortunately, got in our blind spot.


Try to see wide, open your mind and see. Believe the impossible thing, and you will find that we are all mad here.


We have our own unique private mind, combination of our gene, experience, chemical and environment that make us different, and beyond normal.


There is no ordinary person.


After all… why be normal?