Sunday, 11 August 2013

ART of the Light Circus - Moory

Moory Loewe

"I hope you enjoy the show"

She is the trapeze twins.
Daughter of Connor and Victoria Loewe.
Unlike her younger twins, she is a quiet girl.

Moory is a humble girl who always support her sister.
She always behind her sister.

Sometimes she looks like giving the spotligt to her sister.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

ART of the Light Circus

- normal
- NC 25 - NC 30

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

ART of the Light Circus - Mooly

Mooly Loewe

"prepare yourself and watch me!"

She is the trapeze twins. Daughter of Connor and Victoria Loewe.
She is an easy going girl, who always get the spot light.

She is young and very talented.

Some people said that she is better than her sister,
but they won't make a show without each other.

ART of the Light Circus

- Normal
- NC 25 - NC 30

Sunday, 4 August 2013

ART of the Dark Circus - Laxeline

Laxeline Cutter
Dark Circus Magician

"you have to be mad to dream me up"

She is the best magician in town.
People said her biggest rival is in the light circus.

Long time ago before she joined the dark circus, she was a street magician who not even famous.
She always show up with her twins, they both love each other very dearly.
No one knows what happen to them after that.

Axdamien is the one that who saved her life and own her heart from that day on.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Art of the Dark Circus

- Sensitive
- NC 20-25

ART of the Dark Circus - The princess

They are the princess.
All eyes on them whenever they showed up.

-Helena Boyasche-
"You see... No fire can burn me away. Once it did, long... long time ago"
Used to be a beautiful Russian lady. All we know about her past, is she married a nobleman. Handsome nobleman who abandoned her. She loves him with all her heart. She left all her carrier, hobby, everything she has for him.
Helena now, known as a fire princess. Love all about fire. Never burn, never hurt, never give up. She always covers her neck. No one knows why.

-Diane Vang-
"Animals... Abide with me.. "
Happy child who live with her parents. One day, a terrible thing happens. Someone took her parents life. Kill them in front of her. No one see the killer, only Diane. She was 5 that day. The only one that remembers the killer’s face is her. She said “One day… I will find them. They will pay”.

-Sharleen Roe-
“Who said human can’t fly? Even bird can’t beat me”
Sharleen, a tan girl who live with pain in her eyes. She abandoned by her mother long time ago. Woman saved her, but not treats her with love. She tortures her every day, make Diane her slave. We don’t know what the woman has done to Diane. Whatever she did, it makes Diane ran away, living with pain memory. “I thank her for saving my life… something that I can’t pay…”

Thursday, 1 August 2013

ART of Dark Circus - Sharleen

Sharleen Roe
Princess of Dark Circus

"Even bird can't beat me"
she is the dark trapeze.
what circus without a trapeze?
she makes people do not believe in gravitation.

she just fly.

When she was a baby her mother abandoned her and a woman took her.
That woman make her a slave and torture her almost everyday.
Until she ran away and the Dark Circus found her.