The Author

I left this page with short and weird paragraph for a while. I tried to write couple paragraphs before, but it ends up being an awkward things. So after few months trying, finally I manage to make this introduction.

My name is Nataly Liman (yes with a Y). I am 22 and I live at Jakarta, Indonesia. I am the author of Imagine Madness, personal blog about lifestyle and daily inspiration.

Three facts about me are I was born on Christmas, I am a medical student, and in love with Doraemon. Other than that, I’m in love with books, nature, creation, fairytale and personalities, these beautiful things that we’ve given. For me everything in our life happens for a reason.

Inspiration is constant for me because every person that takes a part in my life has inspired me. I have met many respectful individuals in my life that taught me many things and I hope that I can return favors by inspire people through my blog.

Adventure will always be a part of me. I’d like to say that we only live once so don’t waste a day in our life. I like to share and try new things (even if it’s scary like… bungee jumping? I will do that someday). So I love partnering with brands that compliment my style.

Be thankful for every little thing in our life is necessary. That’s why I like to celebrate little things in a big way. That’s how we can celebrate each day of our life.

This blog is about celebration of life.

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