Monday, 21 December 2015

Benefit Cosmetics - Air Patrol

Can you feel it? The music. It’s everywhere. According to me, this is the best time of the year. I always love Christmas. I love how city turns to fairy. Lights, colors, songs. People who usually work with uniform somehow turn into elf, or any Christmas character. Family who work far from home finally back, just to celebrate Christmas.

I would like to introduce you one of the Benefit’s new product called Air Patrol. You can add it to your Christmas list! Anyway, this product is unique. At times I heard about Air patrol, honestly I have no idea what is it. I guess that it’s just eye primer but I don’t understand why they name it Air patrol. Patrol, seems like it protects something.

When Benefit invites me to attend their launching event, they said the dress code is army looks. Sounds fun, as always. But I still don’t get it. I know that their poster is a girl using army uniform, so I thought that they just want us to dress somehow inspired by her. But Benefit seems like want something more. They want to show us more.

As I have mention about this brand a lot in my blog, some of you must know that I love this brand. I love Benefit with reasons. They are inspiring people, and for me someone who can inspire people is one of the best. They are not just launching product or makeup, they give us an idea. This is an innovative product. Are you one of the people who love sunscreen? I am. I mean I use sunscreen a lot. I have tried many sunscreens, from well-known makeup brand and also other brand, which specialize in sunscreen, because I have some hobbies which require me to go outside and face the sun. But I have never find any sunscreen only for your eyelid. I don’t know if any of you wonder like “why don’t you use your face sunscreen for your eyelid?”, if you ever wonder about that, just try it! NO! I was kidding, please don’t. I tried, and it turns out really hurt. It’s burning, and your tears will come out right away. So don’t. Maybe, Benefit know that (I don’t know if there is someone so curious like me who tried to use sunscreen on eyelid and find out that it hurts), so they make Air Patrol.

Let me tell you this, if you want to protect your skin why don’t you start from the thinnest skin of your body? Which is eyelid. You understand how sensitive is your eyelid and how stressful they are. Air Patrol, is a BB cream eyelid primer. It’s a primer as I thought, but it has something more than just making eye shadow looks better and longer. It corrects your eyelid color. You know, some of us work all day long in front of the computer, using contact lens in an air conditioner room. Do you have any idea how tired your eyes are? Not only that, we live at tropical country, with an amazingly pathetic pollution. This product has a protection feature, it protects our eyelid from stress environment using technology called Enviro Defend Complex, and it contains SPF 20 as well. Air Patrol also moisturizes our eyelid. Besides their amazing formula, they also provide an innovational cushion tip. You don’t need finger to blend, but only to use their tip. Inspired by gel memory foam, which usually found at cushion and bed, Benefit makes the cushion tip. Seriously guys, the tip is really really soft. I just hope that I can show you and ask you to touch it. But it depends, some of us just don’t feel comfortable using it, so you still can use your finger (I still use my finger).

  • Protects eyelids
  • Hydrate eyelids
  • It prolongs the wear of your eye shadow, and even better I feel like it doesn’t make your eye shadow move. I use it for more than 7 hours but it looks like I just apply the shadow 5 minutes ago.
  • Making your eye shadow looks better
  • It doesn’t make your eye shadow crease
  • Travel friendly
  • Cute packaging (always a plus right?)

  • I can’t find any!

I like it. I can’t say any bad thing about this product because they think about everything so detail. Ah! I almost forgot to mention that you have to turn the bottom of your packaging to release the formula, but sometime we just too excited and it comes too much right? You can turn it the other direction and you won’t waste any product! Cool.

(left) without Air Patrol ; (right) with Air Patrol
(left) with Air Patrol ; (Right) With Air Patrol.

So, I would like to say, give it a shot! You may end up liking it so much. I can say that this product is good for everyday use even when you don’t want to use eye shadow. I don’t use eye shadow that much, but I like using Air Patrol because of their protection feature.

That’s it! Hope you enjoy the review.

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  1. These guys sure had a really nice adventure and I guess they managed to munch on something delicious too. Will be looking forward to seeing what these guys are going to do next.