Saturday, 25 July 2015

Red Flowers

In another life, we moved as one in the same direction. We spoke the same language. No possession. No hunger. It was warm. We were the eyes of the sky, we watched and we learned. Laughter. Peace. Hurricane would never look the same, it never hurts, and it never kills. World is an orchestra, the wind sounds like violin and the rain becomes its piano. It was stunning, and we were so happy to be there. Ah, the flowers, it was beautiful. We gather them in our bare hands and smell them. It was mollify. It was all we wanted to be. The time we were complete.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Gift of Confidence

I had this moments before; moments of poetry. Of beauty and sorrow and the world become. The touch of a universe, in which turns into wonder.  Most often, no more than a glimpse. The moment act as a mirror, all the times I’ve survived the fall, the rolling, and the bruising. All the times that has been sweet, grateful, and loved.

There are always two sides of a coin, head and tail. Two sides of a moment; bitter and sweet. It depends on which moment has caught you. And I have been wondering about life. Does it have two sides? Luck and misadventure. Some people born with abundant love, some of them left behind. Some can get anything they want, but other has to suffer. There are people like us, healthy, but there are people who have to deal with sickness. Cancer.

I work at the hospital. And I have seen people who suffer. Pain. Sorrow. Death. Life may sounds unfair. But there is another side of that. Happiness. Hope. Miracle. And it taught me one important thing; there is nothing definite. It shows me that life has more than two sides. It has its complexity beyond our knowledge. There is grey between black and white. 

Thursday, 16 July 2015


It’s hard to find a beauty in between. When it can’t be caught by literal embrace. When I was a kid, I saw everything in a positive way. I don’t judge, instead, I am curious. Now as I am growing, I spend a lot of time cursing to the sky for my burdens, instead of thanking for my blessings. And I forget about beauty. I forget about being human, how wonderful it is. Life may not turns into something you want it to be. You wish for a bucket of roses, but you get a piece of dandelion. You wish for a star, but you get a candle. And the truth is, we never thank for that. I tried to open my eyes a little more, to see surprises that life prepares for me. And thank for that.

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