Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Fromage cake - Dore by LeTAO

I thought about words, sunset, beauty, and tenderness; random things that come across my mind yet it’s hard for me to write them out. My mind travelled to places I’ve been before, brought back memory that somehow touched my soul every time it glimpsed. And when it stopped, and reality caught me back, I realized that everything happened to me in the past, brought me to where I am now. Those things made the way I thought, the way I speak, the way I look into the world. And it’s not only me, it happens to everyone else.

Heart that has been broken over and over again, and soul that has been burned to smoke and ash for the one they loved. Yet they still stand up with scars and give what if left to be given, to the new love they hope to be the one. There’s a beauty in every soul walked across your eyes. There’s a story beneath every laugh and tears. They may look ordinary on the outside, but if you let them talk, hear the story that brought them here, or simply watch them living, you’ll realize that most person are more than just ordinary.