Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Happily Ever After

I am, I was, perhaps it’s true, something of a hopeless romantic. Always living some fantasy of a life that wasn’t mine. Sitting next to the window, as the rain pouring my garden, writing letters to men who may or may not exist. I used to think romanticism was a thing meant for foolish little girls, fated to die most likely from a manic fixation of the unsatiated heart or some other equally ostensible death from which I, stubborn headed and bitter as I can be, couldn’t possibly ever suffer from. In some way I may not believe in love, in that desire of wanting or needing other soul. But I may, I knew, deep down, I do believe in happily ever after. It’s a terribly disconcerting of what’s inside the mind of a person, when it comes to the fundamental thing. 

Saturday, 17 September 2016

IOMA Ma Crème & Moisturizing Cleansing Milk

People said 20s is your golden age. You live in the moment where everything is fascinating. World seems like a great adventure. You travel far from home without being attached on anything. You fail and fall thousand times and somehow you manage to get up and show up. You still able to run 10 kilometers without hurting your knees (yet). The excitement on doing crazy things still on. Your skin still flawless without any lines or wrinkles. It feels like the world is spinning on your core. And after all of that, sometimes you wake up in the morning and realize that everyday you are aging. Deep down you know that one day you’re not in your golden age, you’re in someone else’s. And so what can we do beside to embrace it? To take care what we got in the presence and prepare for the future.

It has been a while since I write anything about beauty and I started to miss it. Weeks ago I got invited to IOMA Paris event. Honestly I never know anything about this brand or trying any of their products before. I heard about it but never get a chance to experience it. In this event they introduce us about their newest skin care innovation, ma crème.