Thursday, 31 December 2015

Universal Studio Singapore

It’s been a wonderful year! We just left 2015 and now 2016 is our new home. Like I always say every year, let this year be better than before. Don’t you realize that our wish always come true? Every year is better than before. We meet new person, we learn things, and we grow older. I don’t know what have you been through in 2015, maybe you got a new job, new home, or something more exciting like meeting someone to be love. But I don’t care, everything you have been through surely make you better. 

Anyway, I did promise to write something about Universal Studio Singapore. I know many of you have been there. But, I’d like to write some stuff so if any of you plan to go there you may find something here. USS is a great place, as you all know. It’s good for a sweet escape like I do. I went there with Priska (you can check her blog here). We have been friend since in junior high school but as we grow older we move to a different place. But what can I say, if we belong together, we will always find a way back, right? And as best friend always do, out of nowhere you will always find a way to connect to each other, it feels like nothing change (except the age). 

I would suggest if you go to USS from Indonesia, you could buy the ticket from any travel agency. You may find it cheaper and you will get vouchers to buy some stuff. I bought my ticket from Panorama Tours for IDR 645,000.-. Beside the entrance ticket I got 2 vouchers, one for $5 discount meal, and another for $5 retail discount. I think it’s good enough.

So I don’t know if you care enough for the outfit but I’d suggest wearing something comfy and just bring backpack. You will need clothes for changing, money and camera (for sure). If you are afraid of sunburn then sunblock is a must. Then we went to USS by MRT. It’s easy to get there by MRT, and you will save more too. Just take northeast line or circle line to Harbour Front station, you will find Sentosa express at level 3. 

Well in USS you will find your way so I don’t think I need to explain many things. You better get a map to make sure you won’t miss any attraction. Food that I’d like to recommend is churros! I love the churros. Other than that is a good food but it doesn’t surprise me much. One of the cutest drinks we can get is the fairy godmother potion juice, it’s located at far far away. The bottle is super cute but the juice is pretty sweet, so if you don’t like sweet juice like me, you better share a bottle with someone. Ah! I almost forget about the cotton candy. It’s awesome, because the stick can blink, so your cotton candy looks like able to changing color. But, again you better share it with someone because it’s big and sweet. You will get sugar hangover if you finish one by yourself.

I think that’s all! So please visit USS and have fun. Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true in 2016.

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  1. Happy new year to you too. I simply love your blog today. Reason? I always wanted to visit universal studio and your blog today was a great experience to read.