Saturday, 21 November 2015

Lady in Red

I love stories and poems. I love words and statements. I love papers and ink. I like using my hands when I write something. I remember the first typewriter I have. I remember the smell. It smells like dust and dried ink. I understand that computer has made everything easier but classical way to write something should not be forgotten. I love when people write with pen and papers or type with old typewriter, without thinking, without planning, and without the ability to revise anything. I fell in love with fragmented words, its rawest form, when the writer can make their own meaning. 

What inspires me in writing and almost every imagination I have is classical tale. I may be that kind of boring girl who always in love with castle, princess and imaginary prince. But what I love the most about it is their purest form. The way to say something so true and out of place. How they interpret something into words. How they drown you into their feeling.

And what could be better when you can put your imagination into something? Like red gown. My brother just married last Friday, and I am more than happy for him. It feels weird when one of your brothers is moving to their own family. Like two different feelings are popping up in your heart, without dropping each other. Happiness and sadness. You are happy because one of your favorite people is having a new live. But at times you realize that things won’t be like it used to be. You know that your childhood story has come to an end. You know that you just move to a different chapter too.

Speaking about the red gown, I really want it to be what I imagine. I want it to be beautiful and unique at the same time. I want it to be classic with a touch of curiosity. So I asked the talented friend of mine Angryani Saputra to make it for me. And I realize that I asked the right person. She’s my Fairy Godmother! 

It’s a dark red gown with a glimpse of black. I couldn’t ask more. I don’t know how to explain the dress but I just want you to see. I don’t need any Swarovski on my dress to make it sparkle, it shines by itself. About the shoes, it’s the comfortable black heels by Melissa.

Shoes by Melissa
Makeup by Marceline Carlos

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