Thursday, 29 October 2015

Yves Saint Laurent - A Kiss To Remember

I talked a lot about moment. Time that somehow get into your heart. It may feel warm, comfort, safe. Or it may freeze your heart, crack it, and break them apart, which is less exciting. Some moment passes away, leave you behind. But others, walk to you, in their way, it’s a moment you have to catch, bring it to your warmest place, and spend some time together. Talk about your greatest fear, about your sweetest time, your happiest day, and your unforgettable year. About your favorite person, your worst enemy that you wish to forgive. At times you don’t need anyone else but you and time.

In my moment now, I was lying over my bed, listening to Who You Are covered by Madilyn Bailey, and of course, typing. My room is dark, with light only from my laptop. You know, this is a kind of moment that I really like. It brings my writing mood. Oh well, I don’t really have that kind of writing mood. I write a lot. Anywhere. In my phone. My pocket book. Sometimes even on the prescription. But those writing aren’t proper enough to be read by anyone else but me.

Anyway, in this post I would like to write about my latest beauty event experience. It’s by the one and only Yves Saint Laurent. Well-known brand from city of love, Paris. They introduces us their best seller product, and of course some of their new babies.

Their event was pretty cool though. YSL have been collaborated with Google glass for a while and for me it’s awesome! They are the first beauty brand that collaborates with Google glass. They start the event with small quizzes to give cute little present. Sweet! Then to the favorite part, makeup demo. The makeup artist wears the Google glass, so she can record whatever she’s doing. It means that you can watch those makeover steps. You won’t miss anything. Then the event ended with a beauty class. You can ask anything to the makeup artist, and you can try their entire product. You’ll be in love!
too cute!
My favorites are baby doll kiss & blush and touché the éclat. Start with baby doll kiss & blush, this one is awesome! First of all, their packaging is just too cute. You’ll think it’s a nail polish; in fact it’s a perfect matte formula that you can use for your lips or cheek. Yes, you can use it as a blush. Their color is perfectly good matte, means it doesn’t turn your lips dry and crack. They have various colors that I wish I have them all. The other one is Touché the Éclat. Another favorite. I always have a soft spot for concealer. According to me they just multi function. You can use them to conceal something, or to highlight something, or even for an eye primer. Touché the éclat is one of YSL bestseller product around the world. Every 10 seconds, one touché the éclat sold. It has soft brush, which help you to blend the formula easily. It’s a pen shaped, which is easy to hold and to bring. For me this is my favorite so far. I have been using them everyday, especially to conceal my under eye. I am that kind of person who has panda eyes.

I know that YSL is a luxury brand that their price is quite expensive but trust me, it’s worth. You are one of a kind, you deserve the best. My advise is to look as good as you can be anytime. You don’t know what will you find later, who you’ll meet. Maybe, it’s time a moment come to you. A moment to remember. Maybe you’ll meet someone that you have been waiting for. Who knows?
left #10 , right #8
I am using YSL baby doll kiss and bush #10 and touché the éclat #2.5

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