Monday, 19 October 2015

Benefit Cosmetics x Luxola

Imagine this. Wakeup on 5 in the morning, take a cold freezing shower, and then walk (almost run) to your working place (in my case, hospital). Then you will do whatever you are doing until 1 PM, finally you have time to eat something. But your work isn’t done yet. You have to continue until 7 PM, and then finally it’s time to have dinner and take a shower. At times you really need to snuggle on your bed and hiding under your soft blanket you know that you can’t do that. Today is your night shift, so you’ll go back and working until 5 am the next day. 24 hours without sleep? Oh yes, that’s exhausting. Once you are home, you need a long warm shower, and a really good sleep. I’ll turn off my phone, lock my door, and turn off my lamp.

I have that kind of busy day. And I am sure that I’m not the only one. Many of us have crazy working hours. It takes away all of our free time. We rarely have time to go out and do whatever we used to. It’s even hard to buy stuffs we need. According to me, I’d choose to roll over my bed better than stressed my self out with traffic. So things like online shopping is one of my favourite. In this case, I want you to know my newest favourite online shop.

Luxola have bunch of beauty collections. They sell 100% original products in various brands. From high end to wallet friendly. If some of you have ever buy anything online from other country, you may know about BPOM. All of luxola’s product are BPOM certified. I’ve heard about this e-store for a while but they just have good news. Benefit is now available on Luxola! You know that I always love this brand, but it’s pretty hard to have time and buy things I need. Knowing that Benefit is now available on Luxola makes me love this store even more.

Anyway I just bought something from Luxola. It’s easy to buy products from their website. About the payment, they have some options like Visa/mastercard, BCA klikpay, Mandiri clickpay, Bank Transfer, and cash on delivery. Not only that, if you have indomaret store around you, you can also pay your product there. Easy right? Not to mention about their promotion. They have bunch of promotions.

Here is my shopping experience:

I almost forget to mention about the shipping. You’ll get free delivery with minimum purchase above Idr 200,000.- and don’t worry! They will ship your product fast.

Well, after all I like this e-store. They have those qualities to be a good recommended online shop.

About these benefit products that I just bought, Porefessional and they’re real mascara beyond blue. Starting with Porefessional. Do I really need to explain you about this product? I think most people know how good is it. I believe this is one of the bestseller primers. For any of you that somehow never heard about this product or never try it, you better buy it now. Just like their name, POREfessional, it makes your skin poreless! Smooth as velvet, and clear. They don’t have any color, so it’s translucent. They just have that smooth ingredient that I don’t know how. If you still doubt it, just go to any Benefit store and try it, feel their texture and I am sure you will fall for it.

They’re real mascara! This product also well known among beauty enthusiast. But this time they have in blue color. Oh dear, this is too good to be true. I just try them couple times and I find out that the formula is quite the same only in different color. They’re still amazingly making your eyes gorgeous. The blue color isn’t too much, it’s kinda dark blue. Don’t worry, you don’t need any “mascara primer’ or anything to make it looks blue, because once you apply them it shows pretty blue color! Apply it twice and you will get what you want. For me, I better like the blue only at the end of my lashes. So I apply the first coat from the root, and the next is only at the end of my lashes. It looks amazing!

I think that’s enough. Just go to Luxola to find any brand you like, find their promotion to get discount (always great) and try them. I know that benefit newest product is pretty popular right now, so if you want to try them just go to Luxola.

Stay gorgeous!

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