Monday, 2 February 2015

Little Escape

I have legs that can’t stop moving. They love to step on something. And I like to think my legs would have been very good at tap dancing. I, however can’t do tap dancing. So they aren’t dancer legs. They’re just my legs. My legs that want to jump and running on everything. Green grass and warm sun. Museum with a beautiful white aisle. It drives me forward without always knowing where I’m going.

We went to another museum yesterday. And found this architecture. Thought it would be a great spot. I put my phone and bag. Run. Jumped. Laughed. It’s fun and free. Pingkan took some pictures of me. Somehow it reflects who I used to be. We were having so much fun.

I remembered those days when technology wasn’t this evolve. Phones used for calling. We were talking and sharing while eating dinner. Kids were playing together without any gadget. Trees. Leaves. Flowers. I used to play with plants. Used my imagination to make my own kitchen. Cook like a pro. Act like it’s the most delicious food I’ve ever taste.

It’s a great escape. Step away from my modern life. I can’t run from the reality. But what I do have is a choice, and I chose, one day, to forget my problems and have fun.

Look like she's going to kill me..

Hair everywhere..


Top by H & M
Jumpsuits by New Look


  1. I love these photos and how cute you write...

  2. wooow, yes you look having fun!! tapi emang iya ya kadang kangen di masa manusia ga sibuk sama gadgetnya. lebih engage di dunia nyata :))

    btw salam kenal ya^^

  3. What a perfect photo location! I love the thought that when we were kids there wasn't as much technology and we would go outside and play more - I'm sure kids these days don't do that as much!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog