Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Secret Mascara

They said eyes are window of a heart. It reflects who you really are. Sparkle in your eyes, are stars that arise. Like a beautiful crystal that is priceless. Eyes connect you with the world. Communicate when words are not enough.

Happiness, excitement, curiosity. Those beautiful emotions that we have. In which I connect with my feeling few days ago. When there is a beautiful box arrived. Unbranded mascara with black and silver packaging. The secret mascara. Curved brush. That is my first impression. After that I take a look a little bit closer and I find out that it has lot of hook that may catch every lashes.

I won’t try a product if I doubt it. But, since the first time they ask me to try this secret mascara, I kind of curious about that. I mean, there is brand that is brave enough to give bloggers mascara without telling them the brand, because they want an objective opinion. Amazed. I bet the brand must know that they have a good product right here.

Wet at first. Dried after seconds. Curl my lash without curler. Thicker lashes. I chose to apply 2 times; because after that it turns to an amazing thick curl lashes. One coat doesn’t mean bad, but it doesn’t change your lashes that much. Especially if you have short lashes. But 2 coats, wonderful. Last but not least, waterproof.

Let people know who you really are. Through your eyes. Don’t close your eyes, because it may close your heart. Curl thick lashes. Make your eyes look bigger. It turns your eyes a little bit better. Opens your heart wider.

Ps : I will let you know once I they reveal the brand.

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