Friday, 13 February 2015

Eva for Loverly

Colors, style, and texture. Mix them under starlight. Leave it until sunset. Voila! Recipes. For Love potion. Or for, well, dresses that bring details and personality. I’ve been in love with texture for a while and find them interesting in many ways. Texture is important for me. The feeling when you touch it. They way it touched you back. Thickness. Layers. Smooth or rough. Curves. Lines. It satisfied me in many ways. They are wordless.

Loverly brings a complete package of fashion and details. They just launch their premiere collection of bridesmaids’ dresses, “Eva for Loverly”. It brings fresh look for traditional vintage wedding. Long dresses. Short dresses. Jumpsuit. Separates. They are fantastic for bridesmaids’.

Amelia Dress
Fawn Dress 
Jax and Paloma Set

They set a unique color. A color that may fit many places, moments, or plans. Those colors are unforgettable. It has their own touch for every wedding. Brings our own wedding imagination. As for the styles, they do put details on their cuts. Something that should not be lame. Something stays simple but gorgeous. Something that… Loverly.

Rea Dress

Lily Dress
Scarlett Dress

And my favorite part. Texture. They chose amazing fabrics and patterns, which is rare and personal. They just know, that these dresses have to perfect on someone’s big day. All of their collection has their own texture. It drives me a little bit crazy.

One of my favorite dresses is Maggie dress. Light peach color. Short dress. Lace. Combination for what I called sweetness.

Maggie Dress

Each of their collection has their own personality. They put love and hard work on every piece. So if you are looking for something unforgettable for your wedding day, go to their website. They don’t just provide dresses but they are wedding planner. They bring souls to your wedding. They give you inspiration.

Vivian Dress

Visit Loverly for more dresses

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