Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 - Sophie Paris

I’ve been busy lately, working, study, and exams. I was decided to not let the busyness keep me from things that I love. Example, my hobby. My passion. Last week I got an email from Sophie Paris, invited me to their first ever fashion show at Indonesia Fashion Week. As one of the biggest fashion movement in Indonesia, well… It’s something I don’t want to miss.

Indonesia Fashion Week is where you want to wear your favorite outfit, and super comfort shoes. Two important rules that you should obey. Because you need that outfit to make you look gorgeous on the picture, and your comfort shoes to explore all of the fashion stand on that event.

I was driving 2 hours to get me there. I struggled with the traffic and suppressed my hunger because I need to get there in time. After that long tiring driving, I can feel my legs step into JCC. At times, the experience is like finding cold water after 5 laps running.

It’s 3 o’clock so I made it to see Sophie Paris talk show with Becky Tumewu. They were talking about fashion trend nowadays, and answering the entire question related to fashion. Great explanation, love it.

The fashion show that followed was star studded. Models after models after models came to the catwalk. Each of them is wearing beautiful outfit from Sophie Paris. Styled fabulously. I took some pictures of my favorite outfit, but honestly each of their design is beautiful. Sometimes I just enjoy the show and forget to pick up my camera. Stare on their collection. Wanting them.

My favourite!

The guy behind Sophie Paris collection - Arnaud Rocca

Thanks to Sophie Paris for invited me to their fashion show. I am honored. I believe that people loves their collection as much as I do. They have lot of style. You just have to find out which one is yours. I can’t wait for their next fashion show.


  1. Nice photos, Nataly! I also came to Sophie Paris' show, but didn't successfully capture their outfits >_<

    1. Thank you! Ah.. Too bad :( they have such a gorgeous collection tho :) Hope you can capture them later :)