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BENEFIT-Roller Lash Mascara Launch Event

Creativity is the reflection of magic. The idea that comes up from human’s brain. The smartest beings on earth. We adapt from one situation to another. Survive. Struggle. Create. We beautify everything. Develop things. We learn. I always amazed and respect people with an idea. I love the creativity. Beautiful things we have given.

One of the creative thing I found is the new mascara from Benefit Cosmetics, called Roller Lash. There are a lot of different kind lashes. Some has short lashes, which is hard to curl. When I was a little girl I saw my mom curl her lashes with eye curler. I saw that it’s kind of scary. There is an unpleasant feeling every time I curl my lashes. Seems like I am not the only one. Maybe Benefit feels the same. Feeling unsecure when curling our lashes with eye curler. That is why they make the revolution mascara. Curling your lashes without eye curler. Roller Lash is the revolution of mascara. You don’t need any eye curler. No matter how short your lashes are you will always get a chance to have curl beautiful lash.

On 13th March, Benefit launched their Roller Lash mascara. After distributing the mysterious mascara to bloggers and spread the gossip all over the media, they reveal that the mysterious mascara is the Roller Lash by Benefit. It’s a unique way to launch a product. Interesting. They got amazing responds by bloggers, and all beauty junkies.

Speaking about their event. Benefit never fails to make a fabulous event. They are just too good. The event was held at Artotel. Pink decoration, completed by cute beneboys. They have some game booths, which is super fun. You can try the game and win some prizes. About the photo booth, that’s the coolest photobooth I’ve ever seen. The backdrop is big and real, with a door that you can open. Love it!!!

You can get cotton candy too!
Rollo! (in love)

They explained the mascara. The idea comes up from hair roller. You have to see their mascara. They have short and long hook. Intended to reach every lash. Each of the hooks has their own function. Some are for the curling purpose, the other to make it long and volumize. Honestly it’s not as volumize as They’re real mascara. So you can imagine how perfect is it if you combine both mascaras. Use the Roller lash first, then wait a little bit until it dries (which is super fast) then use They’re real mascara. Voila! Perfect lash. Perfect eyes. Curling lashes may make your eyes look bigger. The curling power will last for 12 hours! What else can you ask for?

The packaging is beyond perfect. Inspired by old style hair rollers. Pink peach color. So girly yet vintage. Seriously, I don’t know what else to ask. Their curling power is amazing. The color is black. They do volumize and make my lash longer. It dries fast. Water resistance. Yes, it’s not waterproof but it is water resistance. For me it’s a good thing. You know how hurt is it when you remove your mascara right? The water resistance idea makes it easier to remove.

My advice is to use the mascara twice. Apply it first to your lashes wait a minute then apply the second layer to your lash. Your eyes will turn much bigger with beautiful curl lashes.I personally love this mascara so much. I recommended this mascara to all of my friends. If you can only use mascara to curl your lashes, why you need an eye curler? 

You can get the Roller Lash mascara at Sephora Indonesia.
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