Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Through The Window

Last night I dreamed myself a lady staring through an old window. People were passing my beautiful castle, laughing and giggling.  I looked at them. Curious. Suspicious. Jealous. I dreamed myself a lady locked up in the beautiful white castle. Safe. Warm. Abundance. But darling, it’s too quiet. Too quiet until I can hear my heart beat. I was tired. Bored by thought of absolutely everything. The thought of hearing myself talk, wondering and moaning. The thought of listening to anyone else talk, the same. Then the morning caught me. Pulled me back to the place I should be.

I asked myself. What was that? Some people said dreams are results of our mind. Some said it’s nothing. I thought about life before all of the complicated things happened. Thought again about the old house. My mind jumped. I remembered one night on June when my family is in the car. Complete. Perfect. Laughed to a simple thing. Enjoyed a short moment. We were driving to a place that I can’t remember. I was probably 9 or so. And that’s the only perfect moment I can remember.

Speaking about moment. I went to a national gallery last week, with a talented photographer, friend of mine, Pingkan. The building was beautiful and the sun was warm. We took some pictures in front of the old gallery. Eyes were staring on us. We didn’t care. We laughed and keep taking pictures. 

This top was from Day and Night. It has thick fabric and unique cut. It becomes my new favorite top. The skirt was perfect with the top. It was made by Chlorine. One of the Indonesian brands that I loved.

It was funny, I was talking and moving. Somehow she took this picture. Love it.

We were taking pictures until these gentlemen asked us to take their pictures. We did. 
Then they showed us a good spot for pictures.

The talented friend of mine - Pingkan Isabella

Top by Day and Night
Skirt by Chlorine