Wednesday, 7 January 2015

White Building

It’s hard to find a day in Jakarta with no traffics, even today on weekdays. Last week I got in touch with my old friend. She was one of my closest friends when I was in junior high school. But since we all had grown up and have our own tracks, we could hardly meet. And somehow last week we got in touch and planned to meet each other. It has been 6 years since the last time when I met her. I know it’s crazy right? But even we both had grown up, nothing change. We found that we still have similar interests about travel and adventure.

We stop by this old white building, and we thought that this building is pretty good spot for pictures. As you know, lately I have been trying to find interesting places around Jakarta aside malls and stumble upon this place to my delight. Jakarta has lots of Dutch architecture influenced, and it’s awesome. 

I tried to find bralette since last year. But I can’t find a perfect one for me. Finally, I found this at Forever 21! They have lots of bralettes and the best part is, they have a HUGE discount. Guys, if you are a fan of bralette like me, you should go there! No… I mean you MUST go there. The discount is up to 70% I guess. 

Bralette by Forever 21
Cardigan by Venizi
Photo by Isabella Pingkan Isabella