Sunday, 29 June 2014


This post won't be about fashion, beauty, or any other things that I usually post. I just want to share some pictures that have been stayed on my draft for such a long time. Honestly I want to post this pictures before, but I don't have any idea what to write. 

The first plan for this picture is about fashion. I want to show an inspiration about dance fashion. But when the picture was taken, it shows only the silhouette. 

I'm not a professional dancer. I never join any dance academy even I really want to. I just don't get a chance to do that. But I love dance more than I could ever imagine. 

Dance for me is about expression. There are things in this world more powerful than words. Touch, look, smile, or even when you're freeze. Things that word will never enough to explain. 
I believe every people can dance. Dance is about moving our body. Express what we feel. Move is a very basic communication of human being. You don't need to know their language, but you can somehow understand their culture. 

In love with the sunset  

That's it.
Hope you like it!


Photographer : Abelina D.F