Wednesday, 25 June 2014

They're Real Push-up Liner & Remover REVIEW

This is it! New innovation of gel liner that we're waiting for. Have you ever feel annoyed when you travel to some place and bring your favourite gel liner, but you forget to bring your brush? Then, you cannot do anything, except let your eyes "naked". 

BENEFIT COSMETICS launch this unique liner. They need 5 years to develop the push-up liner, to make a perfect one. Collaborate 5 famous make up artist around the world, to know what people really want for their liners.

As we know, girls want to make-up fast. Because our busy things, or maybe late for school, or even someone is waiting for us. Not only about fast, when we line our eyes, disaster could happen! Sometimes our line can go too long, to thick, etc. 

BENEFIT answers our dilemma by making this Push-up liner. It's gel liner, but in pen shape. So, don't worry about the brushes! They make the liner with matte jet black colour, and it's waterproof! 
About the shape of the liner tip. They called it Accuflex. The design which made by Benefit, and only for Benefit. They put lot of effort in this design. It's made from something like rubber / silicon, and it's soft. The curve that you can see in the picture, somehow can push your lashes out of the way and make it even easier for application. The shape of the body are kind of fat, that have flat side and round side. It's designed perfectly to hand it like a pen  which is very comfortable and stable. 
About how you use it. You should twist the cover tip to open it. Yes, twist it, not pull it. For me, it's good because sometimes when you put it in your bag, and somehow it's pulled by it self and it would smear everywhere or dry which is very annoying. To use this liner, you have to twist the down part of it until there's a "click" sound. For the first time use, you need to do that couple times like more than 25 to push the gel out. After that, you just can do it once and it will come out.

After using it, my first impression is.. Yes it's the one of a kind eyeliner. I can apply to both eyes equally in less than 4 minutes. Which is fast for me. That angled tip also can be used to make cat eye. The fat body make it stable and easy to hold. Because of the gel formula, the liner become easier to control and fast to dry. You don't need to apply it many times to make it really black because it looks jet black once you swatch it. It's waterproof as I will show you in my video down here, and smudge proof. I use it whole day and still perfect. 

One thing that not really good for me is also about the formula. Because it's gel, and fast to dry, sometimes it's clotting. When the cloth accidentally applied to your eyes, it's going to be messy. So I should swatch a little bit on my hand before apply it to my eyes. Every time the gel out of the tip and I turn the down part, I will swatch it first on my hand. It makes my hand dirty, so I recommend you to prepare a remover when applying this liner. The clotting gel sometimes fall into your eyes and not so comfortable for me. 

BENEFIT also make the remover called They're Real Remover. Because they assume that the liner is going to be hard to remove. I don't believe it once, but when I tried it, I should admit that they're right. 
If you think you will remove the liner only by washing your face, please forget it. It's hard! I tried to use my water based make-up remover and I need to press it a little harder to remove. It hurts my eyes.   If you're using They're real remover, you can put it on the cotton pad then apply it to your liner. It will dissolve the liner then you can wash it with your regular face wash. So, don't ever use it outside your home, or you will look like panda after that.

Here it is, I did some experiment with the liner. I wash it, smudge it,  apply water-based remover, and last remove it with they're REAL remover. Hope it helps!

  • Matte jet black 
  • Gel formula
  • Waterproof and smudge proof
  • Creamy

  • Easy to hold
  • Stable
  • Matte jet black colour (love it!)
  • The gel formula is easy to control as well.
  • Fast dry
  • Can push your lashes out of the way
  • Waterproof, and smudge proof
  • Angled tip that can help you to make a cat eye.
  • So much easier to remove the liner
  • cream type, which can prevent from spill out
  • Too easy to clot
  • I don't get anything negative, except I just don't get use to cream remover.

After all, for me YES this liner is one of a kind! Good for beginners, or even pro who want to make a fast liner. I pretty in love with this liner because of their angled tip. Use it with They're Real Mascara to make your eyes AMAZING!

Yes I would recommend this to my friend

That's it! hope this review can help you.
This liner will officially goes on sale globally on 27th July 2014


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