Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Relaxing Day

Have brunch with your bestie at a comfy cafe will always be a perfect thing to do on your relaxing day. For a moment like this, you don't want anything too complicated right? You want to have fun with your bestie. That's why I chose this simple combination. 

I don't wear any high heels or wedges, instead I'm using this lovely gladiator-inspired sandals by MIA. Then I combine shorts and this unique two side shirt. For the hair, I just tight them up into a simple pony tail (my favourite hairstyle of all time). 

What's tea time without bunny? Lol. In love with Alice in wonderland make me can't stop buying things related to it, including this bunny ring and earrings. They are too cute!

Ah.. My short hair revealed. Is it that bad? I kinda love it. lol. I don't know how long will it takes until my short hair grow as long as my long hair. 

Love the bunny ring! <3 

Photographer : Irina Octavia