Monday, 28 October 2013

SEPHORA Makeup Academy Blockbuster 2013 - Eyeshadows

Sephora Makeup Academy Blockbuster

This is the first time Sephora introduce a palette with 130 colours for eye, lip, and full face look.

When I got an email from sephora, introducing their new blockbuster 2013, I'm in LOVE!
I don't really know what to do with this so many colours, but I really want to buy this. So I just click "add to basket", and here it is.

I'm sorry for the background....

Here it is. Sephora makeup academy palette. Honestly, I thought it's big, but when the palette arrived.. it wasn't that big. No problem.

Start with the packaging.
This palette come with a black box.
The palette it self shape like a pyramid. I guess.. I can't say that it's triangle though. 
For me I like this packaging because it's unique. other palette just look like a box, or round but this palette come with a new shape. nice.

This is how it looks when you open the palette.
still about the packaging. I like how it looks, I like that I can pull each side. But I pretty annoyed with how the palette feels.. it moves.. you know, like it's so fragile. They can't stick in one position. make it look cheap.. But after all it's okay. (really, every year sephora's blockbuster, I found this "moving" thing as a problem)

so this palette contain:

  • 72 x 0.014 oz eye shadow
  • 10 x 0.017 oz lipgloss
  • 18 x 0.010 oz lipgloss
  • 7 x 0.029 oz blush
  • 18 x 0.011 oz eyeliner creme
  • 3 x 0.023 oz concealer
  • 0.032 oz eye shadow primer
  • 0.032 oz lip primer
  • 2 x double ended sponge tip applicator
  • double ended eyeshadow brush
  • double ended blush brush
  • mirror

"Each eyeshadows wasn't big, but I think it's still make this palette good value."

To be honest, I don't expecting much about this palette because I know, many BIG palette doesn't show good quality compare to single eyeshadows or small palette. But, I was pretty amazed with some colours, as you can see there's some colour that really-really soft and less pigmented, but some colours do so pigmented. 

Texture are soft, not so powdery, but still there's some powder but I can tolerate that. Blend easily, and should be much better if you use eye primer.

  • $49.50 (buy directly from sephora)
  • should include tax
  • small pans
  • big palette
  • good value

For me, I can say this palette 7 out of 10. 

Great value but not high grade.

This palette best use for performing, party, and everyday makeup. 

Yes, I will recommend this palette to my friend.

ps: I will post later for the blush, lip, and eyeliner swatch :)
stay tuned..


  1. wow..this is a big palette *drooling* (^_^) will waiting for your blush & lip review..

    1. yes it is ^^ I will post it as soon as possible. *touched* THANK YOU :D

  2. ahhh gilaaaa ngiler beraddddd :'O

  3. gilaaaa mantap sekali >,< tapi pigmentnya so-so ya?
    ditunggu review blush sama lipnya :D

    1. iyahh.. pigment nya so-so kl ga pake eyeprimer :) cm kalo pake eye primer ckup oke :) hihi thank youu

  4. Oh tidakkkk, paling ga tahan liat aplette warna warniii *masukin wishlist*

  5. waaaaa, pengenn punya >_< baguss bgt package dan warna warni nya

  6. wuooowwww serasa MUA pro nih kalo punya beginian :D #eaaa~ mantabb