Tuesday, 12 November 2013

SEPHORA Makeup Academy Blockbuster 2013 - lips (1)

Here is my second post about Sephora Makeup academy blockbuster 2013 - lips edition (1)

Here we go
after taking so long, I finally finished SOME of the lip colour review. seriously, just 10 lip colour out of 28. Sorry about that, and I do promise that I will finish the rest soon.

fyi: it's burning!! that's why I need some time to finish all of it
for sure... my lips will hate me so much after this lol

I did review about the packaging before so if you want to see about my first review you can click here.
and now I just start with the lip colour.

This palette give you 28 lip colour on the side of the palette. Actually it's on your right sight if you face the palette. You have to pull that side to see the lip colour. 

see the right side

As you know you can pull each side of the palette and on the left side you will find blush, concealer, eye primer, and cream liner (eyeliner gel, they are basically the same... right?)
and on the right side, you can see the lip colour. White pan above as you can see, the largest pan on that side is a lip primer.  

There is 18 lip colour with round pan shape, and 10 with square shape.. I don't really know why they make it different. anyway let's start with the lip colours review.

Here is the 5 first colour from the palette. 
The colour I just crop from the photo to make it more clearly. I didn't change the colour, just crop it and make it bigger. (I tried to take a picture of it and put side by side with my lip photo, but it doesn't work well...)

I used lip primer from that palette before using the lip colour. as you can see, I pretty frustrating about the colour because I can't find any difference on the first 3. But when I go to the 4th and 5th lip colour, I can see some colour on my lips.

But anyway the texture was good. It's kind of soft, pretty easy to used and not drying. I like it.

here is the last 5 colour on the palette (number 6-10)

after little bit disappointing about the first 5, I like this last 5 colour. you can see that there's a colour on my lips. same texture, good, non drying and now pretty pigmented.

my favourite is the last one. number 10. I love nude colour, I've collection of nude lipstick and this nude one is great. pigmented for sure. 

That's the first 10 lip colour from Makeup academy blockbuster 2013.

  • 49.5$ if you buy directly from sephora
  • should include tax
  • non drying
  • small pans
  • large palette
  • good value

so I can say this lip colour is 6 out of 10. Good texture, but the first 3 colour.... not so good. It will show you a little bit shiny thing on your lips but not a colour.

I almost forgot about this

This colour last about 1-3 hours if you don't eat heavy meals or wet  your lips.

This colour was not so waterproof, but I little bit amazed with the lasting of this thing. I thought it will gone after I eat something, but it's not. So it's a good thing about this lip colour. 
I recommend this lip colour for you IF you don't want to use it whole day. If you just want to perform, take a photo, party, or something like that please use it :)

Yes, I will recommend this palette to my friend

I will post the last 18 colour soon! followed by the blush, and liners :)