Saturday, 5 October 2013

Meet Matt(e) Nude - Size Matt(e)rs

Height : 6'2"
Eye color : Blue
occupation : eyeshadow palette
enjoys : long walks on the beach, creamy eyeshadows & fabulous liners.

I'd been thinking of buying this palette for a while, because of the unique and funny packaging. and since there's a huge sale on Hautelook website I'd finally stop thinking about it and just get it.

The Balm made their first Matt(e) eyeshadow palette edition called Meet Matt(e) and now it's time to Meet Matt(e) Nude....

Because size Matt(e)rs, The balm made 9 larger size of eyeshadows in this palette, showing 9 amazing nude matte colors.

Before I talk about the eyeshadow, I'll start with the packaging. As I said before, the packaging is unique and funny. First time I saw this palette I wonder why there's a guy on eyeshadow palette? then I look closer and I get what The balm are trying to say. Nice Idea. 
This eyeshadow palette is BIG, seriously it's big.

 Here is the comparison between the palette and blackberry (onyx 2)

  • 42$ (if you get directly from The Balm)
  • 21$ (I bought from Hautelook)
  • should pay additional 9,5% tax
I don't really know exactly how much is it if you buy this palette in Indonesia, but I guess it's about IDR 600,000. (please comment below if you know)

This palette contain truly matte colors

I amazed when I touch the eyeshadow, the texture is so soft and when I applied, it's not powdery at all. You know, I hate eyeshadow that too powdery. It's annoying and sometimes it hurts my eyes (when the powder get inside).

(I did not use any primer)

so here is the swatches. I did twice swipe, and didn't use any primer. you can see that the eyeshadow do so pigmented. You can use primer or more swipe to make it more intense, I did twice to show how pigmented this palette.

I love Matt Johnson, the color is rare and it's pigmented. Matt Singh do less pigmented than the other but it still good, so I think you have to use primer if you want to apply this color. Matt Lombardi is unique, but I think I should use primer as well.

I wish they include matte black eyeshadow

but after all I love this palette. They don't include any brush, I honestly don't use brush from the palette because many of them are not good enough, but I think it would be nice if The balm include the brush here.

So if I have to rate this palette from 1-10, I'll say 8 out of 10. Good quality eyeshadow, big pans for what you are paying, even though it kinda expensive. 

That's it. For me I will recommend this palette to my friend. I love this palette, I love the packaging and the color but 41$ for 9 large pans of eyeshadow... without brush and black matte.. I don't think so. maybe many people will try this palette if it's cheaper. 

ps: If you found discount for this palette like I did, you should have try this :)

you can buy this directly at The Balm


  1. 'gede' banget ukurannya... iri deh!

  2. woooow so verry pigmented ya kak eyeshadow nya.. the balm emang oke ya..

    salam kenal..

    1. iya pigmented dan sizenya jg gede :) ga rugi :D
      salam kenal jg :)