Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Perfect Beauty - Passion Series Shampoo

Just when I was beginning to lose myself, it came back. Simple things. Life drives me crazy to its seriousness and forces me to my limit. The worst part is I lose myself in it. Just like a little fish; keep moving in a big ocean. You don’t realize that you’re going with the flow, keep changing your direction. Try so hard to follow the waves. And you forget how beautiful is the ocean. How the corals looks like painting. That magic sparkle when the sun shines through.

Let me tell you a little story about how happy I am when a package comes. It’s more than just a product for me, but it’s a hope from someone else. Someone may trust me and give me their product. They believe that I can explain it and they trust my opinion. Other than that, it’s something special when I have to take a picture of it. Like this pretty shampoo from Perfect Beauty. I asked my best friend Irina, to help me taking picture of it. It’s really fun; sometimes we have to do stupid things to get the best picture we can.

Anyway, as you know that online shopping is getting easier, I am sure that you have bunch of list of your favorite online shop. Let me put Perfect Beauty on your list. According to me, I like one shop that has many things; it’s a lot easier. They have several beauty products that you can choose, and their service is pretty fast. Last but not least, they are trusted. You will like it.

They sent me this pretty pinky shampoo, La Rose Rouge – Passion series. It’s intended for damaged hair. It smells sweet. Like you want to eat them (or drink them) PS: Please don’t! I think my hair is damaged, because I use flat iron too much. Not to mention, hair spray, etc. So I need this kind of shampoo.

Perfect Beauty sent me complete package of shampoo and conditioner, and I found that its conditioner is surely make my hair soft. Once again, your hair will smell really sweet. Anyway, this shampoo is affordable, which always a good thing. I am not sure about its long-term effect, because after using it for weeks I don’t really get a big difference. You will notice your hair is getting soft and that’s all I get.

I think they are worth to try if you want your hair to feel softer. Or if you are not looking for shampoo but other beauty product, you may go to their website and find whatever you are looking for. 

No matter how serious life gets, you still have that one person you can be completely stupid with. Your best friend. Sometimes they are all you need.  

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