Sunday, 16 August 2015

Beautylabo Hair Colour - Review

If you’ve been following along on instagram (or blog), you know I have this kind of brownish ombre (which I don’t even plan to). The thing is, that color comes from my previous pink-red hair. I dyed them couple times after that, but it keeps fading out. Well, not that I don’t like it, but my job requires me to have dark hair. So couple months ago I dyed them blue black (pretty much look like black with ashy tone) and it turns to its “original” color, light brown. So I decided to make them even.

I used Beautylabo hair color in natural black. Well I will explain how you use it in the video below J

This product is easy to use at home. It has complete set from gloves to bottle so you don’t even need to prepare anything else. It smells pretty bad to be honest, but what can I say, it’s how chemical hair dye smells like. Because it’s chemical, I suggest you to make sure that you don’t have any allergic reaction to this material. I have shoulder length hair and one box is more than enough for me. 

After you mixed them evenly, apply it to your dry hair. Try to put as even as you can. Leave it for about 30 minutes then wash it. Voila!
It’s a good product to try if you want to have colored hair with a small budget. I am not sure about how long this color will last, but according to my experience, it will last for a month or two (it depends on how often you wash your hair) before it’s completely fading out. I have to remind you that this is not shampoo hair color, which may be a little bit harder to apply. So I suggest you to ask someone else to help for the hair parts you cannot reach. 

Have a try!

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