Sunday, 7 June 2015

Turning Point

Days came and went. And the truth is I was busy, as always. I wake up on 5 every morning, take a cold shower and running to the hospital. Going home at 3 or 4, oh well… sometimes tomorrow morning, depends. Everyday. It is constant. Fixed. But life continues surprise me in its way. Each day has its own. It brings me forward. Take everything as it comes, never pretending like forever. But the precarious nature of pretending is always a part of a human being. Like everything is going to be forever. In fact, it’s not. Life is moving forward, morph. Changing. Moving on.

And a cup of coffee with an old friend may be a good way to celebrate a peaceful weekend. As coffee is one of my personal favorites, I have to choose them carefully. Heard about one coffee shop around Gading Serpong. Close to the memory of mine. Times when meeting your best friend is easy as it has to be. It might bring the warm feelings back. Going back to the old time. Turning point. So I decided to go there.

The traffic of a weekend is well expected. You need to find a way to pass the crowd without pushing your mind too far. According to me a comfort small car is one of the answers. And I chose Toyota Agya. A city car that understand me well. It fits in almost every way. The shape, as I mention it is small, it is easy to drive. But its small shape does not affect the function. It still capable to seat your friend.

After a long time I finally meet my favorite girl. Abelina. It feels funny because before we can meet as many as we want. The place I chose is exactly what we need. Comfort, quiet, with a delicious coffee. I ordered cappuccino, classic. While Abel ordered flat white. My first impression is the way they present the coffee. Pretty. And it comes to the next level, the smell. Good. It smells really good, the reason I love coffee. The taste, it is typical. Something from their coffee shop and it’s good. Combine comfy place, good smell, and typical taste; perfection. They have cakes, which look tasty, and I promise to try them later. Their place is really comfort, and I’m in love with their yellow lighting. It feels homey.

Now I just want to go back to Turning point. Taste their coffee and spend time with my best friend. Relaxing my mind.

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