Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tokyo Belle - IPL Hair Removal

Couple weeks ago I got an email from my friend Tia. She gave me a little surprise. It’s all about Tokyo Belle. One of the biggest beauty salon in Tokyo. From a leading technology country as Japan, Tokyo Belle brings us their secret to Indonesia. Tokyo Belle has three different kinds of treatment, Slimming treatment, eyelash extension, and IPL removal. I am lucky enough to get a chance to experience the IPL removal. They only use the best and the newest technology.

I went to Tokyo Belle Pacific Place. White and blue design attracted me. So I can say that I love their store. The beauty assistant is pretty friendly, and they did comfort me. As you know, removing some unwanted hair on your private area sometimes disturbing. Tokyo Belle assistant has been trained to wipe out those feelings.

This time I experienced their underarm IPL treatment. First of all they brought me to the small private room. Indeed, the room is small but it’s cozy. After changing to their clothes, they cover up my eyes with a small towel. It’s intended to protect my eyes from the laser. Then they clean up my underarm with alcohol and shave it. Put a cold gel on it. Finally, they start to use the IPL.

Eyelash extension room 
The good thing that I really like is they always tell us whatever they’re doing.  Because your eyes has been covered and you have no idea what’s going on. They ask politely and explain. It is another way to comfort me. It doesn’t hurt at all. It’s not like any other hair removal, which hurt you, like waxing.

It has been a week since I experience the treatment. I feel like it grows a little bit slower. It grows thinner than it used to be. Great. I will give you updates on instagram as soon as I see the result. I am excited J

Tokyo Belle Pacific Place

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