Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Pyunkang Yul ACNE

It has been a year since the last time I posted something. Well, more than a year. So many things
happened, things I didn’t expect, things that I thought would never happen. But life always surprise
us in its own way. The fact is, nothing we can do when our plans change, all we can do is to embrace
the new one. Dance with it.

So, few weeks ago I received this package from Stylekorean. A brand called Pyunkang Yul. I have
heard about this Korean brand for a while, but never had a chance to try it.

This product claimed to be able to remove dead skin and waste sebum, using a medicinal herb,
white willow that contains salicylic acid (BHA) and tannin, known to remove waste and dead skin
cells generated by excessive sebum. It also has tiger lily that contain Matairesinol glucoside, which is
an antibacterial. This ingredient prevents bacteria within pores from creating inflammation in the
skin and assist in eliminating waste inside pores. Not only those two amazing ingredients, it also has
Copper tripeptide which is an anti-inflammatory that helps damaged skin repair itself.

I personally love cleansing product, you know after a long day with all dirt and who knows what else
on our skin, we finally get a chance to clean our face. That refreshing feeling just so satisfying. But I
am not a fan of a product that dries out my skin after and leave me with a feeling of tighten skin.
This product is not like that. It leaves me a refreshing feeling, without drying up my skin.

Tell me your skin care routine. Most of us, who loves skin care more than makeup, or just as much as
makeup. We tend to have ridiculous long skin care routine which include everything. But for those
who don’t, I recommend at least put a toner after cleansing your face. Trust me, it would make a
different! So I have been trying Pyunkang Yul toner for couple weeks, and I like that it didn’t burn my
skin even though it is an acne directed product and exfoliated my skin. Some toner did burn a little
but this one just not. It was gentle with a good smell. Well, it is not like having intense fragrance, but
it didn’t smell like a medicine. It left my skin really smooth after!

Who doesn’t need an acne spot cream? Even for those who don’t have a lot of acne, we tend to
have at least one big annoying acne on those days of the month, if you know what I mean. That is
the reason why I must have spot cream that can heal it as fast as it possibly can. This product
claimed to alleviate acne within 12 hours. I haven’t tried it with my big period acne, and I can’t wait
to try. Come on! 12 hours??? I can go to a hot date the next day without weird red acne on my
forehead. So I will update this one soon! (probably on my Instagram)

This cream is to protect the skin from bacteria. It uses Asiatic knotweed root extract that contains
hyperin and polygonin, which reinforce skin barriers! Well, beside knowing the ability of this cream
that we know must be great, how is it feel? For me, face cream should be moisturising my skin
pretty yet don’t make me like a greasy ball walking around. And this product does it job pretty well.
It is already Fall here in Chicago, which means the weather is starting to get cold, and my skin turn a
little dry, and probably that is the reason this product sank in to my skin really fast, yet still leaves my
skin moisturized.

FACE MASK! Oh I am addicted to face mask. Seriously, I use face mask almost every day! Morning
and night LOL. I know it sounds bad, but well some face mask is just a wash off mask, which wouldn’t
take up too much of our time in the morning.
This face mask is not an ordinary sheet mask. As you probably would guess, this is a SOS product for
acne skin, it has concentrated ingredients targeted for that. So this mask has few sheets that we can
put on our desired area rather to put it on all of our face. Which seriously a GREAT Idea.

These products do their job pretty good, even though I just tried it for couple weeks. I will keep using
this product for few weeks after this and see what happen. Especially the acne spot! It has a great
price as well, which is a huge plus for good skin care. I mean, there are plenty good ridiculously
expensive product out there, and it is just one of the routines. But Pyunkang Yul has product that do
the same job with affordable price. Give this product a try, and always give at least a month to try a
skin care product before you decide whether you like it or not.

My favourite is the mask pack!

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