Thursday, 2 February 2017

Giveaway! 2017

They say, here on earth, there are two types of people.

The one called extrovert: loud and full of story. You can hear their words from hour to hour. Talking about their personal life, things they hate and love, boys, girls, all things in their mind. Those people are loveable. I like them. I know when they are angry, happy or even when they are heart broken. Most of them have confidence to show their feeling, doesn't matter if it's against the rule.

And then there is other people. It is unlike the first, sealed and unpredictable. The introvert. They are interesting in their own way, like a book which you hardly decide whether you like them or not. Somehow, they hide their feeling, behind an unseen curtain. They might tell you stories but you know, they keep their personal life in them.

I don't care which one you are, most people are interesting.

Kylie lip kit - Exposed

It has been a while since last time I posted. I have been through couple exams which kind of hard though... seriously, they are. Sometimes I wonder why do I keep doing test after test, study and study overnight. Torturing myself with that heavy book. But well, this is what it takes to get that white coat isn't it?

Anyway, to start my first post in 2017 I would like to make a giveaway! Horraayy... This time is all about embracing yourself. Start a new chapter by loving yourself. By this theme, I want you to post a picture on your own instagram wearing something nude. Just make a makeup look/ portrait inspired by bareness beauty. I know you guys are awesome! Write a caption about embracing yourself. Touch me with your words! LOL (seriously, you know how I love poetry and those corny words. So please make me cry:P) and don't forget to tag me.

So let me recap the rules:
1. Post a picture on your instagram about your makeup look inspired by bareness beauty, and give touchy caption about embracing yourself.
2. Tag me on instagram @natalyliman and give hashtag #embracingmyself #natalylimangiveaway
3. Also tag 3 friends on your picture
4. Be sure to follow my instagram.
5. Have fun

This giveaway is open worldwide.

And the prize... well I will give kylie lip kit shade exposed to the lucky winner... or should I say WINNERS? Because I will give 2 kylie lip kit shade exposed to two winners. It is going to be FUN!!! *excited. I will choose the winner on 30th march 2017. One winner from the best caption and the other randomly. :)
Good luck!


  1. This is an interesting concept. I am sure the people will have a lot of fun doing it and as such they will re read the article to remember the rules. An excellent way to keep them engaged.

  2. i wanted the Kylie Jenner lip kit for so long and now that i could finally have had the chance i am late for the give away. i am so disappointed. let us know if it happens again