Friday, 19 February 2016

CNY Tradition in Indonesia

Tradition is part of Indonesian country. It is more than just a holiday but the meaning behind each of them. I would like to tell you a little bit more about my country. As you can read on my last post, Indonesia has 17,000 islands, with over 3,000 languages are spoken across them. But we unite as Indonesian. One of the unique tradition that we just passed is Chinese Lunar New Year. As Indonesian adopt many cultures, it makes Indonesia an unique country.

Some of Indonesian celebrate Chinese New Year (or Imlek as we usually called it), we are chinese ancestry. I would like to tell you that business on preparing Chinese New Year is unexpectedly fun. It’s not all about new dress, red color, and those red envelopes but something more than that, a family.

There are lot Chinese tradition to celebrate Lunar New Year, but in Indonesia these 5 traditions are the most popular:

  • Red envelope (Angpao)

Everyone knows about this one. For those who is not married yet, Lunar New Year is the time to get fortune. Parents, and other married couples will give angpao to childrens, and others who is not married yet. It’s not only about money but it’s a symbol of luck. Like wishing them to be rich someday.

  • Cleaning house

Cleaning our house is something we always do, everyday. But for Lunar New Year, we make do it a little bit better. Make our house look so much cleaner. Actually this is a symbol that this house is ready to get luck and fortune for the new year.

  • Reduce debt

To welcome new year, we usually want to be free from debt. So people will try to pay off their debt, or at least reduce it. This symbolize a hope that in the new year we can be free from debt. So fortune and blessings that we get in the new year can be use for other needs.

  • No porridge

No porridge for a day! This is somehting that hurts me actually. I love porridge. But this is a tradition. Actually ancient said that porridge is a symbol of poverty. That is why intention of eating porridge has to be ruled out for a day to avoid poverty and misfortune.
  • Serving delicious food

Last but not least is preparing a good food in our home. Well, this one can treat my hurts over no porridge tradition. Serving good food is intended to welcome our family. Actually Lunar New Year is the time to gather with all family. Some of them are far away in another city or even another country, so this time we gather and celebrate new year. Typical food that usually serve are cookies, fish, noodles, orange, and moon cake.

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