Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Old Batavia

I almost out of an interesting place to hang out with my friends lately. We almost end up to a same mall every time we meet. This time, we tried to find an unusual place to go. Well, it’s a holiday and it should be the best time to explore something new.

So we decided to go to “Kota Tua”. For all of you who not know about this place, “Kota Tua” is short of like a tourism place in Jakarta. It means Old city in English and it means that literally. Actually this place also known as Old Jakarta or Old Batavia. At kota tua area you can see old buildings with architecture influenced by the Dutch or European architecture style. There are lots of museum in that area that you can visit.

When we arrived there, we found an interesting art exhibition by I Nyoman Sukari next to Indonesian post office. So we decided to take a look. The art exhibition was great. I just feel sad because we are the only group in that place. There is lot of people come to “Kota Tua” but no one get into this building.

Awkward pose (and face)... but it shows my outfit pretty well. 
Here are some of the paintings that I really like. As you know Indonesia has so much amazing talent. But people just not realize how amazing they are.

Well, if you have free time and don’t know where to go. I think you should come to this place. Just for 1 – 2 hours, enjoy some paintings and of course, take pictures. 

Happy holiday guys! and Merry Christmas :) 

Thanks for reading and see you on my next post 

 Black top by Zara
Legging by H&M (Divided)
Shoes by VnC

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  1. thanks for sharimg this nataly i have had to struggle with broken skin for the longest time possible thanks for sharing such an insightful post i will definately try this out