Tuesday, 4 November 2014

BENEFIT - WOW Your Brow Event with Jared Bailey

How's your weekend? I hope it was a blast like mine. Last Saturday I attended an exciting event. It's Benefit WOW your brow event. You know every time I write about Benefit event I always say it's amazing, well it's true! As always, they work hard in every details from decoration to the event it self. I won’t surprise about that, attend Benefit event with beautiful decoration won’t surprise me anymore. But again, as always Benefit knows how to amazed me.

On November 1st 2014, Benefit cosmetics Indonesia bring us Jared Bailey, Benefit Cosmetics International Spokeperson. He is the master of eyebrow!

Honestly, I’m not so good at shaping my eyebrow. I prefer looking at the other part of my face rather than eyebrow.

Well Jared break my thought! He said many girls don’t realize about the power of a perfect eyebrow. He has a mission to tell the world about the importance of eyebrow, shaping your eyebrow is the first thing that may change your face to be more attractive.

Ms Daisy Utami, brand manager of Benefit become the MC.

Jared is good teacher. Before he taught us about how to shape our eyebrow, he was telling us about Benefit’s story. I will tell you the story about that, and I promise it won’t be long and boring!

Jean and Jane Ford are twin sisters who establish Benefit Cosmetics at San Francisco in 1976. These two beautiful sisters start making a tiny makeup shop which specialize to make a product that can solve beauty dilemma in an instant way. FYI that decision to make a makeup shop comes from flipping a coin, heads they open a casserole café, and tails they open a make up shop. From that, they make Benefit Cosmetics which now has more than 2000 counters over 30 countries.

Isn’t that an interesting story? Well then, let’s go back to the event. At the event, Jared taught us about brow mapping technique. It’s a technique that developed by Benefit to help a woman achieve a perfect natural eyebrow.

Anyway the thing that I did not mention above is why eyebrow sounds so important for Benefit. Jean and Jane start their makeup shop with brow service as well. They discover a perfect way to shape someone’s eyebrow. That knowledge has been transferred to all benefit experts nowadays. The knowledge is not only about brow mapping, but also brow waxing. The difference between Benefit’s brow waxing and the other place is we’re sitting when they wax our eyebrow. We know that some places do want us to lie down when they wax our eyebrow, but Benefit wants us to sit. It makes our eyebrow fall to the natural shape that it has to be.

Benefit also have lot of "eyebrow makeup". They have gimme brow, brow zings, instant brow pencils and many more which has their own benefit. You will want them all!

Now this is the most important thing! (FOR ME). I am that kind of person who ALWAYS cry when someone’s tweezing my eyebrow. Well I hate it! It hurts me. I’m being serious about this one. If you ever see me going to service my eyebrow, you will see me crying after that. Don’t judge! I tried not to cry, I tried to be strong… but it’s freaking hurt me. That’s why I hate it. So… yeah I rarely service my eyebrow (Just if it already turns too bad). For my eyebrow service I usually tweeze and threading. I never try waxing. Come on… tweezing and threading already torture me, how about waxing? It might kill me.

Lucky for me, Benefit gives me that chance to wax my eyebrow. Jared told me that it wouldn’t hurt. That time I just nod and smile, but you can guess what’s on my mind. The first impression about the wax is… it’s cute! Yeah the wax color is glittery. Then it’s time for the waxing. I closed my eyes and pray hope that I won’t cry. Well… some how it just shock me a little bit, but not that bad! I’m not lying about this one. I can’t say that it is not hurt at all, but it’s bearable. Trust me, if it’s okay for me I’m sure you will be just fine. After that they tweeze my eyebrow a little bit, but it’s not that hurt anymore.

I got touch up too! perfect for my saturday night :)
So now enough with the writings, I made a video with Jared about how to shape eyebrow perfectly. I'm sorry that I have to mute the video because the voice doesn't sound so clear. Hope you like it :)

ps: in this video, Jared was using Brow zings

Brow Mapping
To find the beginning portion of your eyebrow, start from the dimple of your nose and put it straight up then you will find the beginning portion of your eyebrow, it actually does make a slimming effect.

To find the arch of your eyebrow, start from the outer portion of your nose, straight to the pupil and you will find the highest portion of your eyebrow, naturally.

To find the end point of your eyebrow, start from the outer portion of your nose straight to the outer corner of your eye and you will find the end of your eyebrow. It gives a balance of your face. If you have round face and you want to make your face look more oval, you can make it a little bit longer. But if you have an oval face which you want to make it more round, you can make it a little bit shorter.

Jared really such a sweet guy. He is so friendly, helpful and humble! It's so fun to talk to him. Well Jared if you read this, thank you so much of doing my eyebrow it's really nice. I had an amazing day getting to know you and looking forward to meet you again! Hope you enjoy Indonesia and plan to coming back. I'm sure everyone will miss you and looking forward to have you back.

That’s it… I think this is a long writings. Hope you do read them all. And if you want to service your eyebrow, give a chance for Benefit brow bar. You won’t be disappointed. 

They treat you different from anyone else. 

Because you are one of a kind! That’s why your eyebrow and anyone else should not be the same.

You can go to Benefit cosmetics

Thank you! 


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    1. Hi :) yep, hope we'll meet again someday, anyway sure you can take it.

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