Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sweet Weekend

After passing couple busy weeks, finally I have time to enjoy my weekend. You know, sometimes  happiness doesn't need a complicated thing, just go to a beautiful park, where you can see those green grass and feel the wind. Walk around, and chill with your bestie. 

Not only that, but why don't you try a little challenge? Because it's friday, I chose to wear batik. Who said that Batik will always make you look older? Look at this Holiday collection by Batikflo. That beautiful colour combination are just perfect! I personally find that Batikflo can show us a new way to wear batik. They have a lot of lovely design, and this one is my favourite. 

Have you ever get into a situation where your school / university / work ask you to wear batik but you can't find anything good enough? Yeah.. I've been there. So I think this kind of batik dress can be perfect. Unique, have a bright colour, and simple design! 

Anyway, Batikflo also has lot of collections. They have workwear collection, Casual, Moslem, and beautiful scarf as well. 

Ignore that puffy eyes... I told you I've been through busy weeks...

Thank you 

 Dress by Batikflo
Photographer : Irina Octavia