Friday, 22 August 2014

Back to nature

I never update any trip or travel post before because I don't have any photographer with me all the time. So this post is going to be more about travel rather than fashion.

All of us have our own dream country, right? I always dream of going to somewhere far from Indonesia. A place which is so different than my country. I like cold weather, doesn't mean that I don't like beach and ocean but if I have to choose I might prefer cold country. So, obviously Iceland is one of my dream country.

Honestly, if someone ask me about where I want to go for my honeymoon, I might say somewhere Alaska. Yes, somewhere north because I always want to stay in an Iglo. I don't know how is that feel for sure, I mean I might freeze in there but yes... That's what I always want to do.

Even Iceland is one of my dream icy country, I never know if I ever get a chance to visit this place. As a tourist, maybe I'm going to choose other more famous country rather than Iceland. I don't even know where is this place on map before.

So how could I get here?
Last year when I start my new semester on my third medical school, there is an organisation from my University offer us about an exchange program. To be honest, I don't interested at that program before. I just don't want to do those complicated things to prepare for the exchange. But, after all those confusion things I applied to that program.
Short story, I chose Iceland as my first choice. I wait couple months to get the answer about my acceptance, then after that long wait I'm the only one at my University going to Iceland. I feel okay that time, I mean I want my friend to come with me, but because they get another country, then it's okay. Lot of my friend tease me about my upcoming trip to Iceland, they said I'm going to land on a grassland with no one there, and I'm going to be all by myself. Because we searched on google about Iceland and yes, this country is kind of quiet and less people.

After long trip, I manage to Iceland. Then... they are right. The first time I landed at Kevlafik Airport, I can't see any other building except the airport itself. I have to take fly bus for 45 minutes to go to the city then my contact person will pick me up. Such an amazing experience yet scary.

I think I shouldn't write too much detail about this trip because it's going to be tons of pages.

Iceland is a wonderful country in every part that I know. I didn't expect to like Iceland especially Reykjavik (the capital city of Iceland which I spent my whole month) this much, because before I thought about... how can I survive here? I don't see any high building, I just found 2 malls which is not big at all, and less car. I live at Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia which is really crowded and big. Lot of buildings, malls, cars, and people.

Summer House
Spending my whole month in Reykjavik somehow reminds me of a simple things that I used to do long time ago. Too busy with my lifestyle in a big city make me always think too far to find something fun. I forget about how grass smells in the morning after rain, how beautiful the sky and of course how romantic does sunset look like. I saw sky in my place but through my car's window, I spent too much time in mall and school so I never get a chance to see sunset. I never walk to go somewhere far so I never smell the grass, I sit in my car almost all the time.

Iceland won't be an amazing place if I don't let my old lifestyle go. Spending all day walking at downtown, go to the small cafe (my favourite is Babalu) drink hot chocolate and eat big cookie. Walk to the park and chill with your friend, maybe play a frisbee. Then choose to walk home rather than drive or take a bus so you can see the blue ocean and sunset. Remember to eat Icelandic ice cream! Those simple things are just amazing. I found this country has a beautiful atmosphere. According to me, people here are never in hurry. They always stop when we want to pass, I rarely see someone drive too fast as well. I also just hear an ambulance siren for twice maybe... except at emergency, because I work there for a whole month, but at town I just hear it twice.
Icelandic horse
They have a cute loveable horse, unique food, unique weather as well. About the weather, I won't lie about it. It wasn't nice all the time, but it does change every hour, and their summer is not summer! still freeze me (I might change my mind about staying in Iglo).  

For sure, Reykjavik is not that big. Honestly I am one of the worst driver ever, because I really hard to remember the way. I always get lost. But in Reykjavik, I can say that I will always know how to get home after 4 days living there (it might take shorter if it's not me). There's always a "yellow bus" that I took, and it's kind of easy to remember which number to take.
Fossvogur - Landspitali hospital
Yellow bus

Somewhere at Downtown. Lovely street with children's drawing 

One of our favourite noodle restaurant


Babalu cafe! They have amazing hot chocolate and cookie

One of the best ice cream
Loundromat - one of my favourite cafe (they have the best milkshake!) One of the best place to sit alone, drink milkshake and read a book.
World cup
Playground (watch it carefully!)
Rotten shark :) you definitely have to try (with Brennevin)

That's it! As you can see, this country has amazing nature. Look at the sky, I feel that the cloud is really close somehow. Reykjavik has a beautiful park as well, you have to try lay on the grass and enjoy the sun. They also have a lot of museum. For me this is the best month ever, I really enjoy Iceland a lot. I met amazing people, and good friends. So if you have a chance, just come to Iceland. You will love this place :)

FYI : I experience almost 24 hours daylight because it's summer :)

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