Monday, 19 May 2014


Makeup Challenge from Indonesian beauty Blogger, sponsored by Japan softens!

Every single time I saw this white foundation and my clown powder, I always think that I might do a scary makeup look. I bought this foundation and powder for my "Alice madness returns" cosplay. But after the photo shoot ends, I don't know what to do with them.

Last month I read about Japanese street fashion which I adore so much, and I found this Shironuri style. Shironuri literally means "painted in white" because people who dress in Shironuri style wear white makeup. As I read, that's the only rule of Shironuri.

After that, I decided to use my "abandoned" white makeup to do this unique style. As the only rule is white makeup, so I plan to combine modern fashion with this classic style. Many people who dress in Shironuri, used gothic or lolita style. But, I don't do those things, so I just try with modern fashion.

After all, what is fashion without a little fun?

I saw at IBB group that there's a Japan makeup challenge sponsored by Japan's softlens. So I just try to get this look for the challenge. Hope you like it.

Shironuri is truly an art!

I had so much fun doing this look and photo shoot. I plan to make other look with this makeup, and so the fashion as well. You should try to make your own Shironuri style.
Have fun!


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