Thursday, 13 March 2014

Stand by Me

You know this guy right? Fat blue short cat who looks like racoon and hate rats? This famous guy known all over the world and in every generation!
It's about my favourite idol, my inspiration, and of course my childhood. 

I know that I kind of corny about this. But come on, don't you think Doraemon should never end?

You know this chapter right? This is the first Doraemon comic, look at how fat he is lol.

When I was a kid, as long as I can remember I always watch Doraemon every sunday. Doraemon starts on 08:00 AM every sunday, and I tried so hard to wakeup just to watch it! but every time I miss it, my father has record it, so I won't miss it (thanks dad!).

My brother bought the comic first, and I use to read it when I was in elementary school. When I was in junior high school, I bought the comic for my own. Every single chapter including adventure and special edition. I remember that I have a small note about which chapter I have and which one I don't have yet. I save my money so I can buy it by my own, because the comic was expensive for me that day. Every month I bought about 1-2 comic to complete my collection. 

ps: I have them all now!

Until today, I still watch Doraemon movie or read the comic. Not only that, I bought Doraemon doll a lot.. and so the stationary, jacket, boxes, map, note book, card, and many more including my toilet paper has Doraemon mark on it.... (please don't judge me)

Facts about Doraemon:
  • Height : 129.3cm
  • Weight : 129.3 kg
  • Favorite food : Dorayaki
  • Hate rats
  • Doraemon original colour is yellow

  • Doraemon used to have ears, but lost by mouse that bit them off.
  • After losing his ears, Doraemon become depressed and drink the potion labelled "sadness". As he cried, his colour turn into loveable blue as we know nowadays.
  • Doraemon was manufactured on 3 september 2112 in Matsushiba Robot Factory.
  • Doraemon production code is MS-903


I'm crying only by watching the trailer and read their news. Do anyone react the same as I do? I never cried because of movie or novel. I cried when I read march 1973 chapter of Doraemon, which He left Nobita due to future calling or something. (FYI I'm about 17 years old when I read that again and still cry...) and I know for sure that this movie will make me cry like a baby. (I think I should watch it alone... so no one will judge me)

They said this 3D Movie will come out on August 8th (08-08) at Japan. I don't know is it  true or not that it's going to be the last episode of Doraemon, but I just hope that someday there will be "Doraemon return". 

Oh my God, I just like it so much! I thought Doraemon should be in every generation. I want to introduce him to my son or my daughter someday. Make them dream high as I do before. You know his 4D pocket right? his Time machine, Dokodemo door (this one is my favourite!), Take-copter, Time furoshiki, pass loop, air cannon, and many more! 

That's it.. I hope this one will be just like the march 1973 chapter, which Doraemon will come back on the next chapter :')


  1. why is doraemon will never come again after the last movie doraemon stand by me????/

  2. please dont end my heart ( doraemon ) as i am a indian i love to watch doraemon please dont stop my heart beating

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