Monday, 24 February 2014

Indonesia Fashion Week 2014

What can I say, beside We should be proud to be an Indonesian.
I know that you have heard about Indonesia fashion week, Jakarta fashion week, etc.  But have you ever come and see our designer's work?

Indonesia Fashion week 2014, The biggest fashion movement was held on 20-23 February 2014 at Jakarta Convention Centre, Jakarta. I got an invitation for Zalora fashion show on 23rd February. 

So, I took some picture of my favourite outfit. All of them was great! But I will show you some of my  favourite. Hope you like it :)

See, Indonesian designer was not bad, instead they are amazing. 

If you come to IFW but not get into the fashion show, you can also see the bazaar outside. Many designers has their own booth. Not only from Indonesia, other designer from all over the world also come and has their own booth! so, if you are fashionista you MUST come!

 Sari Ayu is one of the main sponsor here, and they gave us some tips about using makeup.

That's it! hope you like it and most of all hope you proud to be an Indonesian. If you like IFW2014 you have to come to IFW 2015!! lol and enjoy all of these by your self. You have a year to save your money. 

you can visit IFW Facebook , website, or follow their twitter to get more information.

*if you want to know more information about the designer contact or website, you can contact me.



  1. soo E X C I T I N G! hope you had an awesome time!
    La Mode D'Emm

  2. great photos! looks like you had a good time X