Saturday, 28 December 2013

I'm going bald??

Merry Christmas everyone! 

I think I will post something before this year ends J
I want to share a little bit about my hair destiny, hope it helps, if you are thinking about having a new hairstyle on 2014.

I am a huge fan of hairstyle, both colouring and haircut. I remembered when I was in the elementary school I had a boyish haircut, and I highlighted my hair for the first time, with red color. Classic style, you know, just a simple highlight (I don’t have any idea how to explain, but I hope you understand) this highlight was popular around 2004 (or at least I think it was).

I changed my highlight yearly into yellow gold, blue, etc but I have never bleached my hair. When I was in high school, I dyed my hair with dark purple (It was already long then). I didn’t bleach my hair, so it wasn’t that good. I didn’t bleach because I knew school wouldn’t allow bright hair dye.

When I graduated my high school, I started to bleach my hair, just one highlight. I bleached it 3 times, and dyed it into pink color (Sorry I really don’t remember the brand, because I just went to the salon near my house). It’s pretty good.

After a few months, I bleached my pink hair once, and dyed it blue. Then I bleach it again after 6 months to make it green. I seriously don’t know what brand did I used.

The thing is, I was pretty frustrated because I wanted a bright and unique hair colour which I wasn't able to achieve with that salon. So, my friend introduced Manic Panic hair dye to me, and I’m freaking in love with it!

I bleached my hair (again) and dyed it to yellow. I love yellow! So I dyed my hair every 3 months with the same yellow. (I used Manic Panic electric banana classic color)

FYI : as I said before, I bleach only one highlight, but every time I said “I bleached my hair” I always add some “new” hair.. You know what I mean.

Then I dyed all of my hair with red hair color by etude. (I don’t know why I use it, I think that day I just randomly bought etude hair color and use it..) It’s pretty great at first, but after 2 weeks my hair become brown. Honestly I hate brown hair color. (it doesn’t look like you dyed your hair)

Then around 3 months ago, I bleached my highlight and dye it into turquoise by Manic Panic classic color. That color works sooooo GREAT! But, the problem is, I didn’t take care of my hair this last 3 months because of busy thing in my medical school. Before, as you can see I bleach my hair like… I don’t know how many times…I mask my hair regularly to maintain my hair. I washed my hair every day. I used conditioner every 2 days, hair mask 3 days a week, and hair serum 2 days a week, not to mention hair tonic.. Sometimes I cream bath my hair…

But last 3 months I didn’t do any of it. I just wash my hair everyday, and that’s it. As you can guess, my dyed hair becomes pathetic. Dry, coarse, split ends, broken…. Everything!! Not only that, my university make a NEW RULES, said “NO BRIGHT HAIR DYE” I LOVE bright hair dye. So, there’s nothing I can do, I have to change my hair into “DARK HAIR DYE”! Like dark green, dark blue, dark orange… LOL. I will! Soon. But I have to fix my broken hair first. I want to take care of it, like use mask, serum, manicure, anything, but I don’t think I can do it soon, so I decide to cut my hair…

I don’t have any idea about what hairstyle I want. So I need hairstylist who can understand me and give me a new cool look. Before, I never trust any hairstylist (this is true, because I’m scared L). I always tell them what to do, what to cut, which hairstyle I want, everything. The only one that ever cut my hair is the guy that usually comes to my house (my mom’s hairstylist). But this time, I don’t know what to cut.. I don’t know which hairstyle I want.

My friends told me about one piece. They said it’s worth to try. As I heard from some of my friends about one of the hairstylist called Yuta, then I just go with it...

No, I lied… it is not that easy. I confused, seriously I want to cut my hair? How about it doesn’t work well? How if I regret? How if what people said just not like I want? I don’t know what hairstyle I want, How come I let a hairstylist do it?

I think my friend almost give up on me because I really can’t make up my mind. Then, at the end of the day, I made an appointment at One piece. I chose Yuta.

Then… after discussing about what kind of hair I want, then Yuta cut my hair.

Voila! Here it is.


my lovely birthday haircut! LOL

This is weird, because I love my long hair. But when it comes to bald, I love it! This is unique, not that simple, but I still can cover it when I go to the hospital LOL.

So, if you guys are thinking about new hairstyle, you should try One piece and I recommend Yuta for sure. He has a great style, extreme (that’s why I like it), and he’s nice when you are discussing about what hairstyle you want.

ps: He will move to Shunji Matsuo at kemang village on 7th January

That’s it! :D hope you enjoy



  1. oh deaaaarrrr you really shocked me by your journey before your current haircut as because I mega love dyeing my hair!!
    Yuta indeed a recommended one! he's good in both colouring and cutting! sadly he'll move to Shunji Matsuo starting next Jan :(

    1. hahahaha OMG! YES, he will move, I forgot to mention that he will move to shunji matsuo :) thanks ! :D

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