Thursday, 31 March 2016

Sociolla Shopping Experience

I would like to share a little bit about my Sociolla shopping experience. I have bought this for a while but I have been busy lately, apologize for that. I am a huge fan of a matte beauty product. Matte lipstick, matte shadows, matte eyeliners, matte powder, matte foundation, pretty much everything matte. It doesn’t mean that sparkle or glittery product is bad but it just not my thing, sorry.

Anyway, I bought a new matte compact powder from one of the well-known brand, The Balm. Like I always said, I am easily get distracted by cute and creative packaging. And The Balm is one of them, of course. It’s not only about colors, or picture but also their product’s name. They are funny and creative.

I bought Sexy Mama as my new compact powder. Honestly this product is not something new on the market, it is pretty famous though. I will make another post talking about it.

In this post I would like to share more about Sociolla shopping experience. They surprised me! I remember buying their product on Thursday, and it arrives at my home on Friday. As an online shop, it’s a big PLUS! Other than that, are about their packaging, it’s PINK! Lol. Simple and lovely. They wrapped my product in a bubble wrap which is great, and they also give me 15% discount voucher. LOVE.

Sociolla has a lot of promotion, discount, and event, which are awesome, and it would be great if you check them out. They have good price and as I said before, you can get a discount. You can also get IDR 50,000.- off using code NATALY50 

So I think that’s all for my short post, and I will write more about Sociolla and The Balm ASAP. Lol. See you!


  1. Packaging The Balm emang selalu eye catching ya.

    Salam kenal ya, aku dari Sociolla Blogger :)

  2. I had a good experience too with Sociolla..
    Ok.. Can't wait for the balm reviews ;)

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