Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Benefit Launch Event - They're Real in Color Beyond Belief

Weeks ago, I was invited to Benefit VIP launch for their newest product. Well, it’s not a new product but it’s a NEW COLOR. Remember They’re real push up liner that I’ve told you long time ago? (you can check it here). They just launch more colours. LOVE! If you are one of those people who love their push up liner, you know for sure how good is it.

Their accuflex design makes it super easy and fast to use. It helps making winged eyeliner too. I don’t say that you can’t make perfect wing, but sometimes (or most of the time) we are running late. We wake up late, or someone has been waiting, etc. We need to be awesome but fast, so this kind of product is our hero. So can you imagine how amazing is it when they launch different colors? Ah… like a dream comes true. They have brown, green, blue, and purple. To be honest I love eyeliners more than eye shadows. I love how your eyes look colorful and dramatic at the same time. Benefit’s eyeliner formula is gel, and it’s all matte. Just another perfect thing to have.

Not only their push up liner but also They’re real mascara. The one and only. The expensive mascara but always be the most wanted mascara. I think I don’t need to explain much about it, because I am pretty sure you all know about it. That mascara is a legend. They launch more colors like blue and brown. Brown, of course, it’s going to be perfect for casual look, or at times you only want to make your lashes look thicker without looking too much, or you just have that beautiful brown hair. But blue? Come on… how come someone want to use blue color? Well, I do! Imagine if I have blue hair? Then I use blue mascara. Ah… it’s going to be awesome! But now I don’t have that hair color… I still want to use that, for some event, or rocking your night out. Anything. For your information that blue color isn’t too much. It blends perfectly, it looks blue but pretty. You will love it. It’s good to try something different right? Dare to be beyond normal with their beyond colors.

I am going to review their product on my next post. I need to try them more, and try to find good tips for you. Anyway, I have some pictures from the launch event. As always, good event to remember, well prepared. Ah… I love the pictures. That campaign pictures. You know what, it’s not photoshoped! I hardly believe it until I saw how they make the campaign picture.

 Here is a short video about the event :)

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  1. love it, i never have in my hand They're Real in Color, but i know how cool the formula they have.

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