Thursday, 16 July 2015


It’s hard to find a beauty in between. When it can’t be caught by literal embrace. When I was a kid, I saw everything in a positive way. I don’t judge, instead, I am curious. Now as I am growing, I spend a lot of time cursing to the sky for my burdens, instead of thanking for my blessings. And I forget about beauty. I forget about being human, how wonderful it is. Life may not turns into something you want it to be. You wish for a bucket of roses, but you get a piece of dandelion. You wish for a star, but you get a candle. And the truth is, we never thank for that. I tried to open my eyes a little more, to see surprises that life prepares for me. And thank for that.

Weeks ago, I got a package from Hello Sora. Korean beauty product. It brings something new! provide free online beauty consulting with the beauty expert from Korea. We can ask everything about our skin problem, ask the solution, and of course, get a recommendation about the product we should use. FYI, they have an affordable price.

Hellosora.comsent me some skin care product, including Ecna Acne Drying Pinky Powder, vitamin C masker, and Green tea masker. Start with the Ecna Acne Drying Pinky Powder. This cute little pink tube is magic! Start with the most surprising fact, it can reduce the redness of your acne in one night. Well, it is important if you have a meeting tomorrow. It dries your acne fast, and won’t burn your skin. This product smells a little bit acrid, so my advise is not to smell them. To be honest, I don’t have lot of acne all of over my face, but sometimes I have one or two big pimples. It stressed me out, and a pink little tube like this, is my hero!

About their vitamin maskers, I have two types of their mask. Vitamin C mask, which is great for brightening, anti-oxidant, improve skin elasticity, and anti-aging. Green tea mask helps to reduce black spot/pigmentation/acne scars, moisturizing, removing dead skin cells, and protect skin from free radicals. They both smell really good, they are relaxing. I love using facemask before sleep, it may give me a soft dreams.

I would love to recommend you the Ecna Acne Drying Pinky Powder! 


  1. Sorry for...spamming?

    But again, I love the way you capture the photos! <3 <3

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