Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wardah-Eye Expert

There’s a warm feeling when I woke up this morning. Without rushing on anything. No pressure. I can open my eyes slowly. Let the warm sun get in through my window. Well, maybe that’s the reason I got warm feeling this morning… That kind of morning leads me to open my laptop and write.

I got a black elegant package last week. I always love black box. Mysterious. Beautiful. Yet scary at the same time. Yes, scary. Anything can come up from that box. Beautiful living rose under the glass, a gold invitation for a masquerade ball, or a bottle of a purple potion that might kill me. Oops, I think that’s enough. There’s nothing but surprise in that box. Wardah sent me a complete package of eye makeup. Mascaras, eyeliners, eye curler, and makeup remover. Sweet!

Actually they just launch their newest eye makeup collection, called Eye expert. Consist of mascara, and 2 types of eyeliners. Let’s talk about this collection first. Start with the Perfect Curl Mascara. The packaging is quite simple, and easy to pack. About the brush, they make it curve; I guess it’s intended to curl your lashes. And my favorite part, formula, the heart of the product. I’d like to say, they have light formula, and it’s clumps free, no matter how much you apply them on your lashes. Not only that, it consists argan oil as well! So this mascara is good for everyday makeup, and for those who don’t like heavy makeup.

Eyeliners. As I mentioned, they have 2 types of eyeliners. Liquid and gel. Honestly I always use at least 2 types of eyeliners. For me, each of the eyeliners has their own function. Wardah Gel Eyeliner is a matte black color with creamy formula. It has soft texture. I usually used gel liner between my lashes; allow them to fill up the space between to make my lash look thicker without mascara. Something that I hate about gel liner is the flake. Unexpectedly this gel liner doesn’t make that kind of flake. Anyway, they have a small brushes attached on top of the packaging. Honestly, I prefer to use my own brushes. But I think it’s good because at least when you forget to bring your brush, you’ll always have a backup plan. It dries a little bit slower than I expected. Well, you can open your eyes or blink hardly after you apply but you can’t rub your eyes yet. After around 3 minutes its smudge proof! So I think that’s fine. You just have to hold your hands for 3 minutes.

Liquid liner. I personally love liquid liner. It helps me to draw thin intense line in single stroke. What I don’t like about liquid liner is the applicator. The brush. Sometimes they are too thick. Seems like wardah understand me. The brush is thin, sharp, and kind of stiff, which is good. Make it easier to draw your line in precise yet dramatic look. The color is satin black. It dries fast, for about less than 1 minute. Smudge proof. This is my favorite product!

Wardah also give me another product beside the eye expert collection. The mascara called Aqualash. Just like the name, the packaging is light blue soft greeny color (please don’t judge my color interpretation). The brush is different from Perfect Curl; it is slim in the middle with two sides bigger at the end. It is water based so good for everyday makeup.  The result is not as dramatic as the other one, but it volumizes your lashes. So I think they are two different mascaras with their own function.

Sorry for the long writings. I know that is too much. So I will make a summary about the products.

Perfect Curl Mascara

Curve brush
Black color

Easy to apply
Light formula
Clumps free
Argan Oil

The brush is kind of stiff so it’s hard to reach my entire lash.

Gel liner

Matte black
Small brush attached

Soft texture
Flake free

It takes 3 minutes to make it really smudge-proof

Liquid liner

Satin black
3.5 g

Sharp line brush
Stiff brush
Smudge proof
Easy to dry



Black color
Bigger round brush at the end

Light formula
Water based
Vitamin E

The hook is too big, so it can’t reach every lashes.

Other than that, in that black box Wardah sent me eye curler and makeup remover. The eye curler is silver colored, easy to hold, and light. I think it’s perfect pair with their mascara. For the makeup remover, it is bluish color. Before you use it, you have to shake them first! The remover is good to remove both liners and mascara. You don’t need to rub your eyes that hard to remove them. You don’t need to hurt your eyes J

Such a long writings. I hope you read them all. Anyway that’s all. I would like to say this product is good for everyday makeup. Their light formula is easy to remove so it won’t hurt your eyes. One important thing is all of their products are Halal. Their prices are affordable with good quality of makeup. So it won’t hurt your wallet.

You can get it here

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  1. Penasaran banget sama eyexpertnya, cuma sempat cobain perfect curl mascara aja, yang lainnya gak pernah ada stock deh di counter wardah kota tempat aku berada T^T