Monday, 23 June 2014

BENEFIT They're REAL Push-Up Liner Launch Event

Benefit Cosmetics threw such an awsome Event! The event held on 20 June 2014 at Madame Lilly Plaza Indonesia.

They decorate the place with a criminal concept. Lot of "gold", "coins", "diamond", and handcuffs. They also have a Photo Booth, with two police models. According to me, Benefit puts lot of effort in this event. As they said, this is their biggest launch event.

The colour theme are orange and black. It's pretty unique, because I expect some pink or white. But, I realise they want to make a crime theme, so I guess they used black for the crime and orange for luxury. 

While I'm waiting for the event to start, the waiter gives me an orange juice and this delicious fried dory. Seriously guys, this fried dory is super delicious! 
They give me the Brow Look book, and in that book is about brow shapes and stuff.

The launch event was started by the MC comes and pose with the two police models. After that, opening dancers make the event even better. They dance following the crime concept, with a girl become the sexy criminal and the guy as police. The opening was great!

After that this beautiful brand manager, Ms. Desy came. She explained everything about the eyeliner, including how they came to the idea to make it, how long it takes, and the function of every details about the liners.

It takes 5 years to make this beauty product, and collaborate 5 different famous make up artist all around the world. I didn't try the liner yet, but I will tell you once I've tried and give you a review about that. What I can see about this liners, is Benefit put lot of effort on the shape of the tip. They called it Accuflex. The only tip launch by Benefit and only for Benefit. 

Actually this is a gel liner, but as you liner lovers know that it's pretty annoying to bring the gel and the brush, they make it into this simple liners. The tip somehow have a curve that also can push your lashes down while you line your eyes. The handle is quite big, so it's more stable to hold. It's waterproof, and matte jet black!
They said it's pretty hard to remove it by other remover, so they make They're real remover. 

Andika, one of the Benefit make up artist show us how to use the liner and give some tips.

This is all bloggers that come to the event. Lovely! 

Unexpectedly, Benefit give me this two items. They're real push up liner and also They're real remover. Thank you! I can't wait to try it soon.

The liners officially launch on 20th June, and they sell 100pcs on 21st June at PIM 1. If you miss the chance to be a 100 first customer, don't worry! They will sell them back on 27 at all benefit store.