Wednesday, 2 October 2013

I just in LOVE with E.L.F

I ordered elf cosmetic last month for about 200 pcs items. Because I live in Indonesia I cannot check those items immediately after they ship to my address at US. So, just now I check all of it (means it's about a month or almost 2 months after they ship the product).

when I open that big box, I'm so happy because everything seems so perfect. nothing damage, or crack. but when I check into details, I found that they ship one wrong palette. ONE from +- 200 items.

I ordered 144- piece eyeshadow color bright and they ship 100 piece eyeshadow everyday color to me. so I sent an email to them and ask if I can change the palette or not, because I kinda worry that my order is too long. (remember around 1-2 months ago) I explained to them why I just can check it now, then ask them if I have to send the palette back to them (it will takes a long time because I'll ship internationally).

Then they replied me so fast, I thought it's gonna be a day or two until they reply my email.

They are sorry about that and ask which item I want.
after I explain they said that they will send 144 piece eyeshadow palette color bright immediately.
they don't even ask any prove of wrong item.

I checked my account in elf website, and I found there's one order just now, 144 piece eyeshadow color bright with 0$ charge.

Really... it's amazing. I love elf just like that.
Their response are fast, and they care about a mistake also trust their customer.

even I disappointed before,  it doesn't matter anymore. for that kind of service I will RECOMMEND ELF to everyone.
thanks for everything elf :) I really appreciate that.

please visit elf website here

*maybe I will upload my elf haul later :)


  1. yg salah kirimnya gmn? perlu dibalikin ga?

    1. ngga, ga di minta sama elf nya. jadi kaya dapet 1 gratisan palet gitu... hahaha

  2. aaaaak 200 beli apa aja? lemparin ke ak 1 jg boleh nih XD hahaha
    itu kamu pake alamat US gitu trus baru dikirim ke indo yah? :))

    1. iya :) ke alamat US dlu hehehehe aku psen the master set.. itu ada 150 item.. sisanya kelaparan mata yang lain gara2 elf kemaren2 diskoooon :P